NYCwiki.0.JPG New York, July 16, 2010 - The collaboration between Wikimedia New York, the Internet Society’s New York Chapter, and Inc. has completed the basic planning to test the utility of wiki technology for neighborhood names -,,, etc.

After research and experimentation we concluded that the Mediawiki software that provides the foundation for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects, would satisfy our needs for the pilot project. The Internet Society’s Joly MacFie has graciously offered to oversee the installation, hosting, and operation of the software. Inc.’s founder arranged to have Jackson Heights designated the first Neighborhood of the Week agreeing to help drive some of his neighbors to the Jackson Heights section of the NYCwiki as we experiment with content, design, moderation, and other issues. In a few weeks, with some early content on the site,  Wikimedia will sponsor an education session in Jackson Heights for those unfamiliar with editing a wiki.

The next Neighborhood of the Week will be Harlem.

Learn more about our overall effort from our Wiki Home Page

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