CityofWaterDay.jpgGovernors Island, New York, July 24, 2010 - Connecting.nyc Inc. hosted a table at the City of Water Day Festival on Governors Island today. The event, organized by the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, is “a day of entertainment, education, and adventure for all to celebrate the potential of our waterfront.”

Our decision to participate in City of Water Day was influenced by two “name” events. The first was reading a New York Times story about a woman complaining that the Bronx River and other city water bodies were either not identified accurately or at all on the new subway map.

The Times story brought to mind a comment that Assembly Member Jeffrion Aubry of East Elmhurst made several years ago at a public hearing. A developer had requested the community board’s OK to remove a huge boulder that stood in the way of a proposed new hotel near LaGuardia Airport. Jeffrion, nearly three score at that point, noted that a stream passed the beloved boulder when he was a kid (Killy Pond they called it) into which he and his friends would jump.

These two water-name events led us to think about how city water bodies could be further identified and developed with good domain names, like BronxRiver.nyc. So we set up our table on a most glorious day and asked City of Water Day celebrants on Governors Island to provide names of  city water resources that we might reserve. See our City of Water Names wiki page for the responses we received and where you enter other water names. Of the many names offered, everyone’s favorite was Dead Horse Cove.

If we can think of a more engaging presentation we might again table next year. But it was a gem of an event and those manning the table agreed that more-fun less-work should be the rule for City of Water Day 2011. For example, did you ever think about riding on a fire boat while it shoots its water cannons? City of Water Day provides the opportunity to fulfill such youthful dreams. Look for me on the fire boat next summer.

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