We’re sponsoring a general meeting about the .nyc TLD on Wednesday, October 27, 7 PM. Three items are on the agenda.

  • An intro to NYCwiki.org, our collaboration with Wikimedia NYC and the Internet Society-NY  to prepare for that glorious day when .nyc goes live and the dotNeighborhood names are activated, i.e., Astoria.nyc, BrooklynHeights.nyc, Chelsea.nyc, Douglaston.nyc… and 350 others.  Hear Richard Knipel, president of Wikimedia NYC talk about the development and progress of the wiki neighborhoods collaboration.

  • Next, Tom Lowenhaupt, Connecting.nyc Inc.’s director, will provide an update on the .nyc TLD’s status, including a report on the City-TLD Governance and Best Practices workshop he moderated in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 17th. The workshop was part of the U.N.’s 5th meeting the Internet Governance Forum and points the way toward global collaboration between dotCities.
  • Finally, Jack Eichenbaum, the new Queens Historian, will provide insight into the nature of city neighborhoods.

That’s Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 7 PM at the Neighborhood Preservation Center, 232 East 11th Street. RSVP to tom@connectingnyc.org. See the meeting report.

Learn more about our overall effort from our Wiki Home Page