dotNYC-at-Paley-Center-Carol-Rachel-Seth-with.0.jpgThe Paley Center, New York, February 11, 2011 - Asked by Inc.’s Tom Lowenhaupt about progress on selecting the fundamental model for the development of the .nyc TLD - i.e., will the city follow a Standard TLD model like .com or .org, or one that facilitates a sustainable TLD and engages the public in local decision making processes, the Community Model - New York City’s IT Commissioner Carole Post stated that no decision has been made.

Ms. Post’s response was made at an Open Government and The Transformation of New York City’s Digital Environment panel, part of Social Media Week. The panel discussed “the City’s use of social media and technology to better serve its customers and promote economic development.” On the dais with Ms. Post were Seth W. Pinsky, New York City Economic Development Corporation President and Rachel Sterne, New York City Chief Digital Officer.

The panel provided an introduction to Rachel Sterne, the City’s first Chief Digital Officer who assumed the role just three weeks ago. She described her challenge as improving the interface between the public and city government using social media.

With the “no decision” report from Commissioner Post, Mr. Lowenhaupt suggested that Ms. Sterne take the .nyc TLD under her wings and facilitate crowdsourcing and other participative technologies in the analysis and decision making process regarding the design of the city’s new digital infrastructure. The CDO responded “absolutely hope to engage the public as much as we can.” See the Post / Sterne  Q&A video.

Background: On December 23, 2009 the city received responses to its Request for Proposals seeking a firm to assist its acquisition of the .nyc TLD. There was no public participation in scoping the RFP, and there has been no city council hearing or other public engagement in the evaluation and decision making process. (Image from the Collection.)

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  1. When I returned to my home after the panel discussion, my wife informed me of the wonderful news about Mubarak’s departure. As I pondered the great achievement of the Egyptians, I began to think about their difficult road ahead, creating a multitude of laws and institutions while maintaining the now surfaced conversation that is democracy.

    And as I pondered their road I thought about the strength of our democracy. While but a small example, the lack of transparency and public engagement in imagining the potential for our TLD has been an immense personal frustration. Where is our engagement process? Where are the public hearings? Where’s the traditional media?

    So, inspired by the Egyptians, I’ll press for exercising our democracy, and as a start, a discussion about the model - Standard or Community?

    Tom Lowenhaupt

    Comment by Thomas Lowenhaupt on February 12, 2011 at 10:06 pm

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