Commons-first-meeting-in-Atrium-OWS.jpgThe Atrium, 60 Wall Street, New York City, November 28, 2011 - At the first face to face meeting of Occupy Wall Street’s Campaign for the Commons working group, several suggestions were made. Noting that much of the activity of OWS was supportive of various commons - open source, Internet, civic engagement, and the use of public spaces - there was a suggestion that a broader understanding of the role the commons play in our society would benefit all, and that a teach-in might be an appropriate next step

Additionally, I brought up the prospect that “commonly” organized city-TLDs might serve as a goal of Occupy movements world-wide. 

Another meeting was scheduled for Monday, December 5, 2011, 5:30- 7:30 at the Atrium. See the detailed notice here.

About that “commons” sign in the photo, above: Our first attempt to hold a Commons meeting in the Atrium was met with locked doors, perhaps for fear that the November 17 Day of Action might mar the Public-Private facility. When we returned on the 28th, we were met with new rules posted on the wall, one of which was “no signs.” How were people to find us in the massive Atrium? Luckily I’d just started a new “Commons Man” line of clothing :). The first iteration of the clothing line is shown with the Commons logo on the back of my jacket. Hung on the chair, people found our table. (Commons photo courtesy of the Inc. library.)

Learn more about our overall effort from our Wiki Home Page

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