bloomborg-1.jpgJackson Hts., New York, March 24, 2012 - I’ve copied below a message I sent to Mayor Bloomberg earlier this evening. Its context is the sorry state of transparency and public engagement in the development of the city’s .nyc Top Level Domain. (See sidebar here.)

I’ve sent dozens of thoughtful and detailed emails and other communications to him over the years without success. Some have been delivered via scenarios worthy of a Spy vs. Spy episode, and I’ve grown increasingly frustrated trying to pierce his bubble. Not believing the mayor to be corrupt, just ignorant on this issue, penetrating that bubble has consumed an inordinate amount of my attention.

After describing the precarious situation of our city’s TLD (see sidebar here) to a group in Corona this afternoon, and detailing the secretive nature of the negotiations and documents that will guide the development of our city’s TLD, a participant commented, “It’s Capra Meets Kafka.” In desperation, with the official opportunity to participate in the process having ended,  I thought I’d try once again to pierce that bubble, hence the below Hail Mary to the mayor. Wish it luck.

[Also, a friend made the “BloomBORG” picture that I’ve been itching to use. I’ve long had a fantasy of sitting down with the mayor over a pot of Earl Grey, and the mayor, after a thoughtful discussion about the TLD’s potentials to foster our city’s greatness into the digital era, turning Picard-like to his staff and saying, “Make it so.” And thereby beginning a fruitful process for developing our city’s TLD.]

Here’s the receipt from the city for my Hail Mary to the mayor. I’ve highlighted my short message at the bottom.

The City of New York

The information you have provided is as follows:
Form: Customer Comment
Topic: CASE
City, State Zip: JACKSON HTS, NY 11372
Country: United States
Company: Inc
Message: After a meeting this afternoon at which I described the
situation with regard to DoITT’s proposed contract with NeuStar
one of the participants said “they should make a movie and call
it Capra Meets Kafka.”

Please, don’t let them make the movie.

I await a response. (And don’t miss the details of the “public hearing.”)

Learn more about The Campaign for .nyc on our wiki pages.

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