Jackson Hts., NY, October 1, 2012 - This past June the city of New York applied to ICANN for the right to develop the .nyc Top Level Domain. Its application requested the right to issue millions of .nyc domain names that will guide residents, visitors, and businesses to our city’s resources. With 38 other cities having applied for their TLDs, how well New York weaves its domain names into its digital infrastructure might will determine our city’s fate in the upcoming competition between global cities.

But the city’s application for the .nyc TLD was submitted without drawing upon our city’s innovative digital culture: its entrepreneurs, universities, technologists, and financial sector. Not did the city assess how these domain names will affect digital activists, or its civic, community, and cultural life prior to its submission.

With a professed goal of being a state-of-the-art digital city and global hub of digital development, it’s vital that the city carefully plan for .nyc’s arrival. Policy decisions on who gets what name, under what conditions, for how long, and for how much will determine the effectiveness of the New York City’s digital infrastructure. Ideally it would initiate planning processes that are inclusive, participatory, with lateral sharing in online and face-to-face venues.

We’ve created a Community Advisory Board wiki page to follow this important development. Comments are most welcomed. (Commons photo courtesy of avistadecerdo.)

Learn more about The Campaign for .nyc on our wiki pages.

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