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 For the members of the city government's .NYC Advisory Board, see here.


Connecting.nyc Inc.'s Board of Directors has five voting seats and ex-officio representation. Biographical information and areas of interest / oversight of our board members are presented here.

Board Support

Board Membership

We have created a Board Governance Committee to oversee the member recruitment process. We currently have five members and are considering expanding membership. In any such expansion, or in filling vacancies, we will seek members whose backgrounds include the following :

    • knowledge of the city's economic, social, and cultural history and needs;
    • representative of city's cultural and ethnic diversity;
    • passionate about creating better communities and a better city;
    • work comfortably in group situations;
    • listen well and be thoughtful in considering issues;
    • Internet savvy; and
    • willing to make a substantial time commitment for during the acquisition phase (July 2009 - June 2010). This should include one Saturday per month to meet about current issues. Additionally, willingness to take on an occasional special task , e.g., pick up the phone and make a call to that special person, plan or attend a event...
If you are interested in serving on our board, email tom@connectingnyc.org.

























  • ­dotNYC-Thomas-Lowenhaupt2-one-half.JPGThomas Lowenhaupt - Thomas has been engaged with community governance and advanced technologies for 30 years. He was a member of Queens Community Board in 2001 when it passed its Internet Empowerment Resolution which sparked .nyc's acquisition, and was a founding member of Connecting.nyc Inc. His education includes a B.A. in government studies from Queens College (CUNY), and a Masters from NYU's Interactive Telecom Program (ITP). He is the board chair and currently leads the effort to assure the .nyc TLD's development as a public interest resource. More.
  • dotNYC-John-Moran-one-half.JPGJohn Moran - John is a retired attorney living in Jackson Heights. He has been involved with civic causes as an advocate for livable communities and for civil rights since 1978. Prior to receiving his law degree, John taught high school Spanish for 8 years.
  • Robert-Pollard.jpg  Robert Pollard - An Englishman in New York, Robert is Professor of Information Ecology, Information Habitat: Where Information Lives, a non-governmental organization in Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic & Social Council he founded in 1990, and that has pioneered the systematic application and promotion of information and communications technology in support of broad-based participation and access to and exchange of information by NGOs in the work of the United Nations since the beginning of preparations for the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

    Information Habitat's current focus is on Climate Change 3.0 facilitating a peaceful and sustainable transition to a new equilibrium grounded in a digital knowledge-based universe, and to harnessing the nature and properties of this universe in addressing the critical issues facing humankind and the fate of planet Earth through the progressive adoption and development of Open Source frameworks and freely available bodies of knowledge in a global digital commons.

    Robert currently serves as Chair of the Information and Communications Sub-Committee of the NGO Committee on Education of CONGO, the Conference Of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations, under whose auspices he has: compiled a unique hyperlinked set of key United Nations documents relating to sustainability, education, human rights, peace and related themes.

    Robert  also serves as Board Member and Coordinator, Rainwater Harvest Beautification Project at La Perla Garden.
  • dotNYC-Jeffrey-Lowenhaupt-one-half.JPGJeffrey Lowenhaupt - Jeffrey is a NYC math teacher and graduate of CUNY's Macaulay Honors College with a masters in education from Pace College. His interests lie in ways we might introduce city residents to the opportunities provided by a city-TLD. In addition to his activities with Connecting.nyc Inc., Jeffrey led the effort to create a dog park for his beloved Pickles in his neighborhood. He maintains oversight of our education efforts.
  • dotNYC-Michael-Johnson-one-half.JPGMichael Johnson - Michael's efforts over the past few years have focused on developing an open source, large-scale collaboration system that will be facilitate governance, particularly e-governance - see Ideologi.org. He was raised and educated in California where he started his business career with Netscape. Now a New Yorker, Michael sees keeping a well delineated space between the commercial and  non-commercial worlds as part of his CnI portfolio. Until recently Michael worked on a family founded business offering web-based employee training programs and now works for a 500 firm. He is interested in the operational processes of a non-profit board and gaining experience for future endeavors (e.g., Ideologi.org).
      • ex-officio members

  • Hannah Kopelman - Hannah sits in the ex-officio board seat reserved for the coordinator of our Resident Advisory Network. A member of the Internet Society-NY, Hannah is an artist at heart and deed, with a separate professional life that includes network administration and support.

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