• Toward a Sustainable New York City

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­­­­­With their ever growing populations, cities have come to be seen as locals where the sustainability movement can (and needs to) have their greatest impact. Here we look at using the .nyc TLD to demonstrate the role a TLD can play in creating a sustainable city by setting aside and facilitating the development of a name-set in support of green activities­.

The eco-Layered Look


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­And Toward a Sustainable .nyc TLD­

­ From trial and (mostly) error we've learned the importance of treating Mother Earth with some respect.

What lessons can we learn from Earth Day and the sustainability movements that will guide us in creating a sustainable .nyc TLD?

How do we assure good domain names are available to New Yorkers for the life of the Domain Name System - 5, 10, and perhaps 50 years out?

Join the conversation on our Toward a Sustainable City TLD wiki page.

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Though never completely absent from various discussions since the 1970s, the modern holistic notion of sustainability was re-introduced and refined by Dr. Frans C. Verhagan at a Bethel, Kansas conference on peace in the early 1990’s. (Dr. Verhagan is a member of Connecting.nyc Inc.'s Resident Advisory Network.)­

In a paper on sustainability, Dr. Verhagan proposed the concept of 'contextual sustainability’ which held the Earth to be the primary context and essential foundation of all social activity and that ecological sustainability is key to achieving a culture of peace. Respect for human rights characterizes the social context essential for ecological sustainability: a society with norms based on nonviolence, social justice, intergenerational equity and participatory decision-making.

Identifying the green domain name-set that facilitates the creation of a sustainable city and developing  appropriate oversight and issuance policies are this page's goals.­

Domain Names in Support of a Sustainable City

The below names have been suggested as part of a "Sustainable City" name-set, to be included in the .nyc Domain Name Allocation Plan. Your additions, thoughts, and questions about this list and the below policy oversight criteria are most welcomed.

 Green-Building.nyc  ­
 Trees.nyc ­­


Sustainability is not our bailiwick. We're using this wiki to facilitate public input. So if an a name is missing above, should not be in the list, or if you have a suggestion of a person or organization that might oversee the sustainability name-set's development and administration, please be in touch.

Sustainability Name-set Policy Questions­

The criteria for deciding name designation, and for developing an oversight structure for the development of sustainable city names presents the following questions:

  • How do we judge if a name will be suitable / helpful in creating a sustainable city?
  • Who gets to publish using each name­?
  • What are the content and collaboration requirements for keeping a Sustainable City name?
  • What is the trustee entity for this name-set?
  • What is the process for reclaiming Sustainable City name?

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