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This page reports on a presentation made by Connecting.nyc to the PlanningTech Conference at MIT on April 8, 2011.

The Frank Stella Room

Connecting.nyc Inc.'s director Tom Lowenhaupt made this presentation in the Frank Stellar Room, undoubtedly one of the more ornate classrooms in the world. Below is a photo of a portion of Loohooloo, acrylic on fiberglass, that covers the room's walls. It could have been the exemplar of our logo with its grid and web elements.



A follow-up from the conference relates to an economic development opportunity - keeping domain name revenue in the community through the creation of local jobs in registrar operation and domain name sales. Learning and making it local is the way Jane Jacobs might have seen it. While at first glace this might not seem to be of "street grid" importance, the fundamental nature of jobs and local control makes such ventures a contributor to a livable city.

















Connecting.nyc Inc.'s director was invited by the organizers of the PlanningTech Conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Department of Urban Affairs and Planning (DUSP) to make a presentation on the role and utility of city TLDs viewed as infrastructure.

The City TLDs as Urban Infrastructure presentation focused on the .nyc TLD, with reference made to the benefits of collaborating with other global cities. We drew on parallels between the Commissioners' Plan of 1811 which provided for the development of Manhattan's land north of Houston Street via a street grid system, and the .nyc TLD as cyber-land benefiting from a digital grid. Our presentation detailed the infrastructure elements of .nyc and noted the benefits of a comprehensive plan for the TLD.

See The Presentation

  • Enhanced Version - A version of the presentation slides with active links (to partially compensate for narration-free scope) is available here.
  • View on Slideshare  - Quick view of slides, without active links, is available in Slideshare.

The presentation noted seven areas where a city-TLD serves as infrastructure:

  • Intuitive Names
  • Neighborhood Names
  • Internet of Things
  • A Sustainable City
  • Voters.nyc
  • Regional Evolution
  • A Sustainable TLD

Conference Meta

  • Organizing Committee:
  • Rob Goodspeed, DUSP
  • Ezra Glenn, DUSP
  • Frank Hebbert, OpenPlans
  • Maryann Hulsman, DUSP
  • Alexa Mills, MIT CoLab
  • Stefanie Ritoper, DUSP
  • Francisca Rojas, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  • Juan Carlos Vargas-Moreno, DUSP
  • Jase Wilson, luminopolis

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