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­­­The .nyc TLD will arrive in 2011 and empower voters, neighborhoods, and civic organizations to identify issue and organize for their resolution. Here we link to domain names and projects that ­foster the city's commons.

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The idea of the entire .nyc TLD being developed wiki fashion  was broached by Joly MacFie of the Internet Society's New York Chapter in 2010. That other commons ideas are described below.

  • The Voter Project ­- ­An informed and engaged public is a hallmark of a strong society. Here we present the sketch for The Voter Project, a civic networking effort centered on developing the voter.nyc domain name.­The Voter Project's focus is on empowering New York City's 8,200,000 residents. It acknowledges that we are but 1/10th of 1% of the world's population living on 400 square miles of the good old earth. And while good domain names, identity ("made in New York"), and tourist portals are the obvious features the .nyc TLD offers, the real advantages, the great hope, is that its arrival will bring improved local communication, through what's today called social networking, but within the context of voters, we­ think of a civic networking.
  • Civic Names - Making good domain names available to the city's civic sector ­is one of our a key responsibilities. This page provides links to the city's 59 community boards, seeks to identify existing civic resources and to set-aside relevant and reflective .nyc domain names. But it also asks: what new venues might be created for civic discourse using a city-TLD?   
  • Community: Identity, Trust, Justice, and Civic Pride
  • ­Issue-Communities  - Proposal to the Knight Foundation
  • The Internet of Things - Soon there will be an Internet domain name for every object in the public sphere, every billboard, building, database, fire hydrant, park, street, tree...This "Internet of Things" is empowered by a technology called the "Semantic Web." See how the .nyc TLD can facilitate the identification, networking, and development of the coming Internet, perhaps more appropriately, City of Things. Learn more here.

Portal Pages

See the discussion about the portals and portal pages. Possible portal pages include: hotels.nyc | libraries.nyc | schools.nyc | pharmacys.nyc | hairdressers.nyc  | craftsmen.nyc |   | fashion.nyc

Geographic Names

  • Cyber Land-Use Plan  - Developed to assign domain names to the city's things.
    • Boroughs: queens.nyc, manhattan.nyc, brooklyn.nyc (kings.county.ny.us), bronx.nyc, thebronx.nyc, staten-island.nyc
    • Parks: central-park.nyc, centralpark.nyc
    • Streets: Broadway.nyc, 75Street.QN.nyc
  • dotNeighborhood Names - Some geographic names are legal entities. Others are real estate names coined to sell property in specific geographic areas. New York City has hundreds of these "neighborhoods." Some have value. 

Dictionary Names

Wiktionary had 311,000 English words May 18, 2010. How are these "words" to be allocated as domain "names" within the .nyc TLD? See our Dictionary Names page.

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