• Community Sensitivity Guidelines

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A key goal of Connecting.nyc Inc. is that the .nyc TLD be secure, safe, and trusted space where, for example, parents would feel more comfortable allowing their children to visit than, what some see as, the wild-west .com TLD. Here we discuss a related subject, Community Sensitivity Guidelines.


Community Sensitivity Guidelines


  1. Consider the impact an image might have on the psyche of all viewers.

































This page was initiated when a board member visited his Facebook page in March 2008 and was driven to make the following blog post.

March 19, 2008 - We’re still in our formative days and need to settle a few governance issues before we’re ready to decide on which of the many opportunities before us we’ll focus our attention (see the wiki). But I don’t think it’s too early to make a decision on what we’re “not” going to do.

facebook-head.jpgOne such banished idea emerged from my seeing the picture at left as I opened my Facebook page today. I’ve captured and named it Facebook Head.

As posted on Facebook, the original bald head image had the “You hair loss?” (sic) text above it, with the “Our products for you!” string below. Those who know me might think this an actual summit photo. And I will admit that on first glimpse something looked familiar (though I’ve rarely if ever seen myself from that perspective), but I immediately knew “that’s not one of my pictures.” And I almost turned my head upward to see if some monstrous privacy violation was in play. But within a second I realized it was an ad of some type, probably for some magic juice or rug to cover.

As my Facebook visit was a quick in-n-out to respond to a message, I assumed it was not to be seen again. An hour later I returned for another quick visit. And there was Facebook Head again. Poking me in the left eye. And now, two hours later, it appears that Facebook Head is to be my official, personalized, Facebook companion-advertisement for a while.

So, I’m thinking it’s time we make a commitment: We Won’t place insensitive ads on anything we publish, be that our wiki, our website, an index…

While seeming like a no-brainer, it will be helpful to publish a set of Community Sensitivity Guidelines for the days ahead.

If a direction is to be taken from this post, the first Community Sensitivity Guideline might be: Blunt objects hurt. Consider the impact an image might have on the psyche of all viewers.

What other guidelines might we consider?  

Key Pages

  • The TLD Acquisition Campaign - The .nyc TLD's acquisition effort requires that we develop support here in New York City and convincingly present our goals and capabilities to the organization that issues new TLDs, the ICANN. Find out how you can help.
  • Advantages of the .nyc TLD - Marketing city resources, creating a more livable city, economic development, community awareness, Internet access and training, and more.
  • Mission & Objectives - Why we exist and what we hope to accomplish.
  • The Operating Environment - Issuing names, operating the registry, maintaining a directory, and creating a safe communications environment that benefits all New Yorkers is our key mission.
  • Domain Name Allocation Plan - Help decide which domain names will be set aside for public use, for operational purposes, for auction, or distributed on a as first come first served basis.
  • The Development Environment -  Here we will explore  personal, family, civic, community, and business networking applications that might help create a more livable city. Should security and privacy be our highest development priority? Where should education, training, and access be on our priority list? Help decide.