• Portal Page Content Guidelines

last modified August 13, 2011 by tomlowenhaupt

Portal pages provide a unique economic development opportunity and are key feature in making the .nyc TLD an intuitive space for New Yorkers and visitors to our great city. The content, features, and  styles of these pages are addressed here.

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    Several types of official directory pages are to be found on New York's TLD. One important type are Helper Pages such as:

    • help.nyc
    • directory.nyc
    • index.nyc. 

    Another is portal pages, such as:

    • schools.nyc
    • parks.nyc
    • hotels.nyc. 
    The content elements on these portals are this page's focus.   

    Content Elements

    The content elements include:
    • Basic directory information: name, address, service/product, map, ...

    • Alpha Search - An alphabetical listing of providers in each category. Will this always favor the traditional letter order in providing results/
    • Map Search - By neighborhood, by borough, by map click.
    • Editorial
    • Advertising

    Page Styles

    Consistency and clarity are vital to identifying official portal pages. Iconic and location indicators are required on every such page. The logo-marks and their location must be determined.


    See this list of 2,300 portal page names.

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