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Portal pages provide a foundation feature the .nyc TLD's intuitive operation. This page considers the mechanism for portal page oversight and maintenance.

Which way?


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There are a few thousand portal names that have value in a intuitive TLD. The latest thinking for cities is that the value of these names be developed, maintained, and managed a commons resource. Many of these will enable the formation of small media businesses creating many good sales and creative jobs.

Page Maintainers

There are several directions for portal page development and maintenance.

  • In-house staff.
  • Contract with yellow page and other directory advertising companies.
  • Allocated to the city's diverse communities to facilitate the creation of many small businesses.
  • Or a combinations of these options. The maximum economic development benefits can be achieved initiating a import-replacement policy and training local residents to undertake these opportunities.
  • Resource Links


    • Explore the use of taxonomies and free-form tagging.
    • Can portal entries can be associated with multiple tags: e.g. bakery, baguette, cafe, pastry. What role does the registry have in sorting these similar entries?
    • Portal pages can expand into multiple dimensions based on how a portal's topic (tag) is linked by usage. For example, an address bar entry of bakery.nyc might display 2 sub-categories: "baguette" and "pastry", each of which can be explored further allowing users to explore a virtual graph of the city's features. 

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