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A Request for Proposals to Create and Operate a Trust for New York City's dotNeighborhoods

Proposal Background

Connecting.nyc is a NYS not-for-profit created in 2006 to advocate for the development of the .nyc TLD as a public interest resource. This RFP is being developed to advance the organization's dotNeighborhoods initiative which aims to provide the city's neighborhoods with local media centers.

Project Description

Of the millions of domain names that can be created using the .nyc TLD, 352 are traditional neighborhood names, for example, Astoria.nyc, Bensonhurst.nyc, ConeyIsland.nyc, GreenwichVillage.nyc, Harlem.nyc...

This RFP advances the formation of an entity to serve as a Trust that oversee the distribution of these neighborhood domain names to responsible entities within the respective neighborhoods, and to assure their continuing operation as neighborhood resources. (See dotNeighborhood background information and full list of neighborhood names.)

Organizational Form

While many advise that a Trust is the best organizational form for the responsible organization, another structure, either profit or not-for-profit, might be found acceptable if meets the civic and business needs of the city's neighborhoods.

Technical and Infrastructure Requirements

The Trust may specify a particular technical architecture to which the dotNeighborhoods might opt-in, but it should also enable neighborhoods to self-select their technical requirements to meet their unique needs.

Tasks of the Trust

The Trust organization shall undertake the following tasks:

  • Write standards and best practices for the dotNeighborhoods. These shall include representative structures that reflect the applicant neighborhood.
  • Solicit and select qualified entities to operate dotNeighborhood domains.
  • Provide guidelines for dotNeighborhood hosting systems.
  • Train neighborhood residents in operating their hosting systems.
  • Provide for the financing of the neighborhood systems. 
  • Keep the dotNeighborhoods appraised of advances in Internet access opportunities.
  • Assure the operation of a neighborhoods.nyc directory of dotNeighborhood.

Function and Content Requirements of Hosting Systems

Minimally, all dotNeighborhood hosting systems should provide neighborhood maps, directory, search, publishing and resident networking features. An e-commerce app that may be used by local entities must be included, and shall include a map, catalog, shopping cart, order history, and a related products page.

Estimated Project Duration

It is the expectation that the dotNeighborhoods Trust organization will serve in that capacity in perpetuity. However, the city of New York may revoke the right if it determines that the entity is not working in the best interest of the city's neighborhoods.


It is assumed that the Trust shall seek to engage a representative group of local residents to oversee each dotNeighborhood. Neighborhood oversight entities will gain and retain stewardship of their neighborhood domain name by demonstrating participation and control of their governance processes by representatives from neighborhood including, but not limited to, local:
    • businesses
    • home owners
    • renters
    • institutions
    • schools
    • students
    • parent associations
    • and residents 
    New neighborhoods may petition to be included within the neighborhoods.nyc directory.

    Submission Information

    Proposals are due by August 1, 201X.

    For Additional Information or Clarification

    For additional information email info@connectingnyc.org or call 718 639 4222.

    Basis for Award of Contract

    The contract will be awarded to the entity that presents a sound basis for assuring its longevity, and the quality of the development and oversight plan for the city's neighborhoods.

    Anticipated Selection Schedule

    It is assumed that a selection will be made by October 1, 201X.

    Distribution List

    This RFP is to be sent to the following organizations for their consideration:

    • Neighborhood Preservation Center - 232 E. 11th St, New York, NY 10003
    • Municipal Art Society - 111 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019
    • Community Service Society - 105 E. 22nd Street, New York, NY 10010

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