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In March 2012 the city of New York signed a 5 year contract with NeuStar Inc. to operate and market the .nyc TLD. This page contains links to documents relating to that agreement, and to the Registry Agreement and other documents the city negotiated with ICANN providing rights to operate the .nyc TLD.

The City-Neustar Contract Roadmap

There are 2,600 pages in the contract between the city and its vendor, Neustar Inc., as registered with the Office of the Comptroller. In a huge document of this type there are bound to be inconsistencies.

The contract directs that inconsistencies are to be resolved by assigning an order of priority to the various contract sections. So what's in section (a) is more important than what is in (b), and (b) more important than (c), etc. The following is the order of priority in the City-NeuStar contract, with the most important listed first:

(a) Appendix D (the General Provisions) to the contract, except as amended by the "Additional Clauses" to Appendix D;

(b) Appendix E - The application for the .nyc TLD as submitted to ICANN;

(c) The main body of the contract Agreement;

(d) Appendix C (Statement of Work);

(e) Appendices F through J;

(f) Appendix A (the city's RFP); and

(g) Appendix B (NeuStar's response to the RFP).

Other Documents
The following documents relate to .nyc but are not official contract documents.







Here we seek to link to official documents that bare on the implementation of the .nyc TLD. The following documents are currently available.

    • Launch Schedule - This presents details on groups that get priority in selecting names. It is part of Appendix C. (Within the Contract Roadmap it is priority (d) - see sidebar.)
    These documents in draft and final form are sought:
    • Registry-Registrar Agreements
    • Domain Name Allocation Plan 

    Final Delegation Review

    Following ICANN's approval of the .nyc application it goes to a final review by IANA via a String Delegation Readiness Report.

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