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How will the Internet change New York City?

 Layers Upon Layer

 One view of New York City is the typical governance view:












Since 1975 our city's official "divisioning" has had a steady structure: 1 city, 5 boroughs, 51 council districts, and 59 community districts.  

What impact might the .nyc TLD  might have on this now 35 year old structure?

With the .nyc initiative having evolved from Queens Community Board 3's 2001 Internet Empowerment Resolution, thinking about the TLDs role and impact on civic affairs has been a constant. We've always seen neighborhood names as valuable civic resources and recently created a Traditional Neighborhood Names page to discuss the possibilities. Typical neighborhood names will astoria.nyc, soho.nyc, and greenwich-village.nyc. How these names are issued and the role they play in advancing local governance is discussed on the neighborhood names page.

And in 2009 we submitted an application to the Knight Foundation outlining a new structure, something we called Issue-Communities. How Issue-Communities and neighborhoods.nyc interact is the subject of a new wiki page Governance Overlays wiki page.

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