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One way to envision the resource is through four layers of content:

  • The People's Wiki - A community memory with local information / resources / history / opinions / etc. will be made available to residents and edited wiki-style. Residents desiring training on wiki editing will be trained at the local library and other venues. For an early demo view of this wiki layer, see the JacksonHeights section on NYCwiki.org
    • Davis Wiki - serving the Davis community of California.
  • Official information - Information curated by oversight staff on schools, government services, elected and appointed officials. "How To" is an important concept here. Where to find... But the distinction between public, NFP, and . Public comment on this via the wiki-style is necessary.
  • Communication - Central to the capacity to control and improve the neighborhood is an ability to find and connect with everyone and everything in neighborhood. This will be facilitated by training, access guidance and provision.
  • Organizing and Decision Making - The capacity to make decisions and organize to better control the quality of life in our neighborhoods is central. The output from the first 3 layers.  Liquid Democracy

The below, or versions of them, should be considered for inclusion in the dotNeighborhood implementations.

Presentation / Surface Designs

 We've primarily three screens to deal with:

  • The traditional desktop PC
  • The home TV
  • The mobile
Some features will be more easily viewed and edited on one surface than another.

Desktop View

This is perhaps the most robust view. As suggested by Edward Tufte presentation, it should present

  • Lots of data
  • Comparisons
  • Show Causality
  • Establish credibility 
  • First person verification & avoid cherry picking ("once you have a point or view all history will back you up").
  • Relevancy & order

Home TV

  •  This is only developing but will likely become a prime interaction point within a few years.

Mobile View

  • The everyman view but with limited capacity. Great for timely news, photo sharing, recording public space activities,

Critical Issues
  • Content Policies & Rules 
    • Governance process
    • Election discussions -
    • Election Discussions - Allowed and by whom?
    • Rate local businesses
  • Business model
  • Secondary: access to "official" domain names


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