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New York City has has 1/10th of 1% of the world's population squeezed into 400 square miles of the earth's surface. Here we explore ways a TLD can help people connect while on-the-go.

 Seen one of these? Picture it.



Most location information based information is IP based, generated by cell phones.






















How can a clean-slate TLD facilitate the creation of a set of domain names that will help us identify, locate, meet, cooperate, decide? See GIS and the .nyc TLD for some thoughts and possibilities. And think streets... addresses... travel... congestion... GIS... GPS... collaboration... Games and TLDs...

  • How can we design the directory for mobile use?
  • Is there a reason to include wi-fi and hot spots into the planning process?
  • Can GIS and domain names facilitate mobile gaming?
  • Presence
  • Near Field Communication - Technology and applications
  • Where do the metaverse, GIS, and RW meet?
  • ShortCode (5 of six numbers in the U.S.) and QR Code - What's yours?
  • LBS - Location Based Services
  • Friendfeed / Facebook / the like 

Mobility and Privacy

To Do

  • Attend MobileCampNYC2 November 10, 2007. Done.
  • Attend MobileCampNYC - May 19 2007. Done.
  • Attend of The Situational Drive: Complexities of Public Sphere Engagement - @ Cooper Union. Done.
  • Identify mobility domain names - public interest, permanent, re-usable, temporary...
  • Identify mobility applications
  • Integrate mobility names into the Domain Name Allocation Plan
  • Decide on where mobility features fit into the Directory Plan
  • Figure out what this means: "Operators are demanding that their handset portfolios consolidate around two or three platforms so that rich applications can be proliferated as widely across their subscriber base as possible, and the operators’ OEM suppliers are having to respond. We are aware of some service providers seeing as much as 50% of their data traffic channelled to the MySpace site alone, and as such services evolve off the browser into widgets and dedicated apps, operators cannot afford to maintain a catalogue of application variants to match a disparate handset portfolio."

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