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The city of New York intends to limit participation in the .nyc TLD to city residents and organizations. Concern has been raised that the existing nexus policy's P.O. Box exclusion does not provide adequate protection to this city resource. For example, someone can easily rent a box at a local mail box store and circumvent the intention of the nexus policy. The contractor has requested assistance with identifying those providing this circumvention. Here we identify non-qualifying addresses.

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Nexus Policy

As of April 2013 the following was the .nyc TLD's Nexus Policy.

  1. Registrants in .NYC must be either:
    • a natural person whose primary place of domicile is a valid physical address in the City of New York (“Nexus Category 1”); or
    • an entity or organization that has a physical street address in the City of New York (“Nexus Category 2”).
  2. The existence of a P.O. Box address in the City of New York shall not qualify for purposes of meeting the Nexus Policy.
  3. Registrants must agree in their Agreement with their Registrar and/or Reseller, whichever applicable, that they are in compliance with all relevant Federal, New York State and New York City laws, including the tax requirements for conducting business via the Internet. Registrants may find more information about compliance with the City tax laws at the City of New York Department of Finance’s website (currently at www.nyc.gov/finance).
  4. Registrants must remain in compliance with the applicable Nexus Category for the entire period of such domain name’s registration by the registrant.
  5. Registrants may not license, sub-delegate or otherwise transfer .NYC domain names to third parties that otherwise fail to meet the requirements of this Nexus Policy.
Reported Violations
  • Newdots.nyc - The first non-technical, live domain name on the .nyc TLD that we noticed - July 12, 2014 - was newdots.nyc. This was a Sunrise policy application with the owner providing a 347 5th Avenue, Suite 1402 address. A July 12 Google search highlighted that address as a Virtual Office space. A search of the trademark showed it being registered in Utah. We reported this to Neustar on July 13 and await a resolution.




















































Spot checking of Sunrise applications for proper nexus will begin in June. In response to concerns raised about the nexus policy's porousness created by the P.O. Box prohibition, provided by "virtual offices," "re-mailers," and other organizations that might aide entities outside the city establish a superficial city bone fides.

At a May 12, 2014 meeting of the .NYC Community Advisory Board the contractor's representative requested that those more local to the Virginia based Neustar assist with identifying such entities. We've established two channels for New Yorkers to provide that information.

  • Wiki - This wiki page is the primary holder of that information. Click edit and add the info below. Note: If you're new to the wiki you'll need to request Edit Access via a request to info@connectingnyc.org.
  • Email - If you're not interesting in editing the wiki, you can send the information about possible circumvention addresses in an email to that same address: info@connectingnyc.org. 

Note: Entities that have a legitimate address in the city might choose to use one of the below to service their business needs. An accommodation for that circumstance needs to be included in the validation process.

Protect Our TLD

Search terms used to locate firms providing circumvention opportunities include "virtual office nyc," "remailers nyc," and "mailboxes nyc." The following addresses were identified beginning in May 2014.

  • Remailers
  • Mail Boxes

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