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­The Internet turned New York into a digital city. But it failed to define its borders, to create a governance structure, to provide a set of "digital street signs," or to educate the city's residents as to its workings. This lacuna provides the basis for our short and long term goals.

Our Mission Keeps Us Focused


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With increased mobility of people, ideas, and money, the role of the nation-state will be declining over the next decades. Increasingly, the quality of local governance and administration will become central to where people choose to live.

The Internet turned New York into a digital city. But it failed to provide the equivalent of a set of street signs to define the city's borders, to create a governance structure, or to educate the city's residents as to its workings.

Our short term goals are to help set the borders, define a governance structure, and create a set of street signs to facilitate effective and efficient travel in our fine city.


To facilitate our mission we have developed affiliations with several entities.


A collaboration with Wikimedia NY and the Internet Society-NY, the NYCwiki.org's initial goal is to develop the city neighborhoods.

Trust for Neighborhood Names

(In formation) An entity to facilitate the distribution and oversight of neighborhood domain names.


A pilot project exploring the dotNeighborhoods initiative.




Our Mission

To facilitate civic, community, cultural, and commercial advancement of cities by advocating for the acquisition, development, and operation of the city Top Level Domains as public interest resources. To educate New York's residents and organizations about the techniques and opportunities the .nyc offers for improving our lives and our city.

Operational Objectives

  • Create a policy framework for the development of the .nyc TLD and the equitable allocation, distribution, and administration of .nyc domain names;
  • assure the establishment and administration of a transparent .nyc domain name registration system;
  • establish complaint handling and dispute resolution processes which provide for conciliation or redress of grievances on matters associated with the administration or use of .nyc domain names;
  • assure the allocation and assignment of Internet Protocol addresses as needed by New York City residents and organizations;
  • liaise with local and international bodies on issues relating to the development and administration of domain name systems and Internet Protocol addresses; and
  • raise the competency of the Internet industry by acquiring and sharing knowledge and best practices.

Civic Objectives

  • Raise public awareness of the benefits to be derived from utilizing Internet technology;
  • promote and provide education and training to raise the city's capacity to utilize the Internet, especially the not-for-profit sector;
  • create and maintain a name space that facilitates a more intuitive local Internet;
  • develop innovative civic tools and services that empower residents, facilitate community improvement, and civic pride;
  • facilitate the development of civic spaces that facilitate the identification and addressing of issues and opportunities;
  • provide a forum for Internet users, access providers, regulatory bodies, interest groups, and other stakeholders to discuss issues related to the provision, coordination, and administration of Internet infrastructure and services;
  • facilitate the promotion of New York City as an international center for tourism, commerce, and culture;
  • promote a better understanding and use of Internet related technologies for the city's residents, small businesses, institutions, community and global organizations; and
  • facilitate exposure to local civic and cultural events presented under the .nyc TLD.

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