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Civic education is the primary mission of Connecting.nyc Inc. It is hoped that revenue generated through the operation of the .nyc TLD registry, and other sources, will enable the effective delivery of educational services. Here we discuss revenue opportunities.
























The primary revenue opportunity will arise with the development and operation of the .nyc registry and the sale of domain names. While the .com TLD is operated at enormous profit, others such as .museum and .aero, operate at a loss.The revenue generated by .nyc will depend on the basic policy decisions, for example, running it as infrastructure for the digital era, or as a name sales business.

The following are identified revenue opportunities from the operation of the .nyc TLD, a share of which we hope will be allocated to our eduction efforts.

  • Name Sales and Renewal Fees - The .com and .org registry operators receive about $6 per for each new domain name issued or renewed. The .eu (European Union) operator domain charges $18 for a name. See our DNAP page for possible fees for .nyc domain names.
  • Name Auctions - To promote the use of issued names and to avoid name hoarding, we note advantages that arise through domain name auctions. These would take place after our sunrise period. See our Domain Name Allocation Plan for a review of the "sunrise period" and insight into auction possibilities. Also, see Dotcom Agency for some "outsider" thoughts on the current value of domain names.
  • Portal Page Advertising Sales - Placing advertising on portal pages will generate revenue as well as aide resource seekers.
  • Monetization of 404 Page Advertising - Advertisements can be placed on these "error" pages.
  • Registrar Licensing - Some TLDs receive licensing marketing fees from registrars.
  • Sale of .nyc Merchandise - "Hey, where did you get that great T-shirt?"
  • Grants - We will seek donations and grants from individuals, government, and foundations in support of our access, tool development, education, and training activities.

Revenue Uses

Revenues in excess of operating expenses should be used to address education efforts such as the following:

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