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­­­­­­­­Ideas that might one day become Target Projects and Baseline Programs are presented here. If you have a project idea, post it below. Feel free to mix and match: if you see a project that captures your whimsy, add to it, after all, this is a wiki. Or rate it by placing an asterisk * in the "Like" column, or enter a more detailed review.­


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 Suggested Projects


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1. NYC Cyber Subway
Within the dot NYC websites, the idea of having a .nyc site directory/portal posted at every site...it can be seen as a virtual subway connecting all .nyc sites in order for the circulation power to rise just as the actual subway does for citizens to get where they need to work, live, and play.... ­


Touring the City
 See how it is done in Toronto with the following URL.

The Internet will undergo a major re-orientation in 2010 as city Top Level Domains are issued for the first time. Our project will build upon Connecting.nyc Inc.'s development of the .nyc TLD (think .com or .org but just for New York City). Using GIS technology (Geographic Information Systems) we will allow voters (and potentially others) to create "issue-communities" reflecting their concerns. Creating an issue-community will involve: 1. Select from a list of traditional community issues - security, noise, sanitation, traffic, park maintenance, etc. 2. Draw on a GIS map the geographic area reflecting your concerns for that issue. For example, for parks my concerns are Travers Park, my neighborhood park, and Van Cortland Park where I occasionally exercise. My sanitation map would be my street. My noise map would extend 500 feet from my home. My security map would extend from 500 meters around my home - to my park, to my route to the subway, and include my neighborhood shopping district. My community map would be that area which I occasionally roam. It need not be contiguous and might extend to a previous neighborhood (or where I'd like to live). 3. For each of these issue-communities I would choose a level of engagement: For example, on security: a. Email me crime reports for "my neighborhood." b. I want to be invited to meetings on security in my security-issue-community. c. I'd be willing to start a community group on this issue if four other people will join me. d. I'd participate in a crime discussion website. e. Put me in touch with others with similar interests. Similar queries would come with each of my issue-communities. Digital tools will connect people with similar concerns. Every post will be an invite to act, with activation tools included. Developed by CnI's founder, this is a winner (in his eyes at least). What do you think?

Games and the .nyc TLD
We need to do something to make civic engagement and the governance a bit more competitive with football.
Games and the .nyc TLD

The VC (very connected City)
Microformats, Senantic Web, , ISO 11179, and The Internet of Things

Better control
Management of relationships

Digital Suitcase
A proposal for meliorating the digital divide.

Where's Wink. The effort of locate Wink the Penguin, missing from 75th Street ElmJack Mall


We're a small geographic entity with 1/10 of 1% of the world's population. How we connect while on-the-go is vital to our success. Let's explore the possibilities. How domain names help us identify, locate, meet, cooperate, decide. Think streets...addresses...

 See the Mobility page. *

The Flushing Community
The $2,300,000,000 domain name

Digital Object Architecture
A new view of digital information as developed by Robert Kahn, the co-inventor of the Internet.

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