• Sweet Fruits

last modified January 29, 2011 by tomlowenhaupt

Some of the benefits that arrive with the .nyc TLD are automatic: good domain names, identity, a more intuitive Internet, global marketing, and economic development. But the sweetest fruits are more difficult to discern and develop.

Sweetest vs. Low Hanging Fruit

The low hanging fruit is the easy to reach fruit on a tree. But because it is near the bottom, shaded by leaves, branches, and other fruit, it is not quite as sweet as the sun drenched top fruit. While this top fruit is somewhat more difficult to reach, it is the most desirable fruit.


The fruit metaphor is often used by marketing pros to explain their strategies: "Get the low hanging fruit immediately, then seek the sweet fruit."


The sweetest fruits require planning, development, and patience. and they require adherence to the view that our city's long term interest is best served by a commitment to the principles of justice and opportunity that made our city great.

The sweet fruit includes:

  • an educated and aware community
  • a more livable community
  • economic opportunity
  • civic pride
  • privacy
  • security

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