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­­­If the public interest governance model proposed by Connecting.nyc Inc. is accepted, we, or a similar entity, the "Operating Entity," will administer programs and explore new opportunities for making the Internet a resource for all New Yorkers. The Baseline Programs outlined here will provide a platform from which we can effectively undertake our mission of educating New Yorkers about the Net.

Making Things Work 


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The Zone File's Technical Side

On the Internet, a zone file is a database element of the domain name system (DNS) that defines mappings between domain names and IP addresses. In apples.pears.peaches.com each of the domains to the left of the .com - i.e., apples, pears, and peaches is a zone.

The format of the zone file is defined in RFC 1035 and its operational detail in BIND.




































Baseline Progra­ms

The following are the initial programs to be administered by the Operating Entity. Additionally, it will evaluate other programs within our Development Environment and with technical and financial justification, include them as Operating Programs.

Domain Name Allocation Plan

Central to the success of the .nyc TLD is the equitable allocation of domain names. The Domain Name Allocation Plan (DNAP) will provide the basis for the initial allocation criteria and guidance on the ongoing distribution of domain names. See the Domain Name Allocation Plan.

Registry Operation

An Internet "Registry" is the authoritative, master database of all domain names registered in a Top Level Domain like .com, .org, and with the ICANN's approval, .nyc. The registry operator keeps the master database and also generates the "zone file" which allows computers to route Internet traffic to and from top-level domains anywhere in the world. Typically, Internet users don't interact directly with the registry operator but register names using an ICANN accredited registrar. We propose contracting with a competent technology provider. (Insert graphic depicting registry, registrar, registrant, and user relationships.)


Domain names ending with .aero, .biz, .com, .coop, .info, .museum, .name, .net, .org, and .pro can be registered through many different companies (known as "registrars") that compete with one another. See a directory of accredited registrars. The registrar collects various contact and technical information as part of the registration process. In typical operation, the registrar keeps the contact information and submits the technical information to the registry operator. This registry provides other computers on the Internet the information necessary to send you email or find your website. We will organize various channels that will allow prospective domain name owners to learn about the .nyc TLD and connect with qualified registrars.

The Portals

Locating a desired piece of information on the Internet can be difficult. Today giant companies like Google play a role in filling this need. One of Connecting.nyc Inc.'s goals is to help connect Internet users with the city's digital resources. In envisioning our data architecture we see a tri-navigation approach to locating a .nyc resource: intuition, a series of guides, and search. See the portals page for more on this.

Education Program

Connecting.nyc Inc. is at its most fundamental level a provider of education on ways residents and organizations in New York City can shape and use the Internet. Our initial effort centered around The Civics Project. Many of our more advanced goals are dependent upon revenue from the active operation of the .nyc TLD. Planning for our Education Programs takes place here.

Future Programs

See The Development Environment for activities under consideration for inclusion in our baseline programs.


Central to our success is creating an appropriate corporate governance structure. Our Board of Directors will provide the insight and expertise needed to guide the organization. If you would like to apply for a seat on the board, recommend someone for the board, or help select a governance structure - see Governance Ecology.

Management and Staff

Connecting.nyc Inc. was incorporated in New York State in April 2007. Our start-up has been supported by many volunteers. It is expected that 2009 will see the hiring of a full time director. See Management and Staff for information about the staff and outside expertise that guides our operation. For information about our directors, see here.

Organization Identity

dotNYC logo3­

Logo - This is a second draft logo. It symbolizes the connection between the city's street grid, which organized and made our real estate resources accessible, and the .nyc TLD, which will do the same for our digital resources.

About This Wiki

This wiki was initiated as follow-up to Queens Community Board 3's 2001 Internet Empowerment Resolution that called for the acquisition of the .nyc TLD as a public interest resource. The Resolution was approved when it became apparent that one sector without an Internet space was cities, and most painfully, New York City.

In June 2006, with the window of opportunity to acquire .nyc nearing, initiated various activities, including this wiki, to support the TLD's acquisition and development as a public interest resource. The wiki invites New Yorkers and Internet users worldwide who seek the development of a more intuitive, community-serving, based, and oriented Internet, to contribute to imagining the .nyc TLD's development in the public interest. 

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