• Castle Sprint 2016

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  • September 15th to 19th 2016 (Thur-Mon)

Where: Schloss Goldegg, Upper Austria, St. Pölten, Neidling

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Phone:  If lost or in case of any other trouble or you have just a question just give us a call:


  • Celebrate the 15th birthday of our community at the Castle Sprint 2016.

    This sprint is a follow­up of the legendary 2003 and 2004 sprints.

    The Sprint will take place from 15th to 19th of September 2016 at the Goldegg Castle.
  • Besides programming we want to reflect the good old times and have a lot of party time!
  • Depending on people attending we will set the topics.


Work Tasks

  • EXIF autorotation on plone.namedfile (Alexander Loechel)
    • PLIP description added
    • Rebased on current master
  • ploneorg improvements ploneorg.addonlisting and ploneorg.releasesecurityinfo (pypi package fetching)
  • RestrictedPyhon Port to Python 3 (Alexander Loechel)
  • plone.vulnerabilitychecks.* plone.app.vulnerabilities  (Alexander Loechel)
  • bda,plone.shop for Plone 5 and improvements (Peter Holzer, Robert Niederreiter)
  • polishing/bugfixing addons (Peter Holzer)
  • release plone.app.multilingualindexes and collective.linguatags (Peter Holzer)
  • Quotas an Folder/Site Level (Roland Fasching)
  • fix plone.org bugs on release pages (Eric Steele)
  • process map of Plone processes (Christine Baumgartner)


Update Sunday

  • Discussion about Processes/Teams and how to improve work between Teams (Christine)
  • How to involve the Documentation-Team into the PLIP-Process (Eric)
  • How to use the UX-Team to produces new PLIP-Ideas (Eric)
  • Getting the Exif-Autorotation-PLIP ready for reviewing by the Framework-Team (Alexander)
  • Thinking how to get Package information from Pypi to display relevant packages on plone.org (Alexander, Eric)
  • How to mark those packages with useful classification and recommendations (Alexander, Eric)
  • bda.plone.shop polishing, running cleanly on Plone 4/5 (Robert, Peter)
  • Fixing Jquery Datatables (Robert, Peter)
  • Investingating why our resocurce bundles are huge: moment.js is included with all available locales. Discussion how it could be fixed (Jens, Peter)


    If you plan to attend add yurself to the list. Please keep your state up to date.

    [ name ] [nickname] [ company ] [ dates ] [ % sure ] [ remote]

    1. Jens W. Klein (jensens/yenzenz), Klein & Partner KG, Thursday - Monday, 100%
    2. Christine Baumgartner (chrimiba), Klein & Partner KG, Thursday - Monday, 100%
    3. Peter Holzer (agitator), agitator Weblösungen, Thursday - Sunday, 100%
    4. Robert Niederreiter (rnix), Squarewave Computing, Thursday - Sunday or Monday, 100%
    5. Eric Steele (esteele), ? , Thursday - Sunday or Monday, 100%
    6. Alexander Loechel (Pumukel), LMU, Friday - Sunday, 99,99 %
    7. Roland Fasching,Do-Mo,
    8. Georg Bernhard Fr-So,
    9. Paul Roeland Sa-So
    10. Sven Strack  Sa-So
    11. Phil Auersperg Do-Mo



    We have place in the Castle for 10 people for a small board wages.


    • Arrival by plane: The next international airport is Vienna - from there take the train (~1 h) to St. Pölten and then take a Taxi to the castle
    • Arrival by train: Going by train is not only comfortable, eco-friendly and stress-free – quite often it is also the most pocket-friendly way of travelling. Lean back and get into the holiday spirit as soon as you leave home. International train connections to all European capital cities click here for timetables

      Arrival by car: A 1 Autobahn network (East and West) easily accessible from all directions (toll sticker - compulsory „Vignette“ - required on all motorways!) to St. Pölten then take the  L5122 till Neidling


      Cultures, Social and Sport

      Information about the castle:



      There is a golfclub at the castle: http://www.noe-golfclub.at



      Roland Fasching (cloud19.at) for the Dinner

      for the Drinks

      • Phillip Auersperg
      • Peter Holzer
      • Robert Niederreiter
      • Jens Klein