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  • Location/Arrival Details

    from stevem on Mar 20, 2012 08:51 PM
    Howdy Sprinters!
    Hope you're ready to attack plone.org in company of some of the most fun
    folks on the planet! We're on for Thursday -> Monday.
    Driving Directions:
    Subdivision Map: http://www.bodegabayescapes.com/media/bbe_bh_map.pdf
    Our two houses are "Osprey Retreat" and "Abbey's Ocean View." Both are on
    the right side of the subdivision map. Plan on arriving at Osprey Retreat.
    We'll parcel up rooms there, possibly based on whether folks live on
    nocturnal or diurnal schedules and are or are not pet tolerant. Dogs will
    be at Osprey Retreat.
    Check in time is 3pm, Thursday, and that's approximately when I'll pick up
    the keys.
    Bedding and towels are provided with the rental houses. However, anyone
    that can fit an extra sleeping bag, cot or air mattress in their car should
    do so.