• Plone Cioppino Sprint discussion

  • Steve's Big Goals for Cioppino

    from stevem on Mar 23, 2012 03:46 PM
    After pondering last night's discussion with an eye to what we might get
    done in the next three days, let me list my big goals for the sprint. All
    are — of course — open to discussion, amendment, discarding, reprioritizing
       1. Incremental improvements in approachability of
    plone.orgdocumentation and quality of documents
          1. Filling known holes for existing and forthcoming versions
          2. Gardening existing content; delete or mark lots of stuff obsolete.
          3. Improve integration of plone.org/documentation and readthedocs;
          help people know how to find, contribute in appropriate spot.
          4. Improve doc area visual design to highlight status of document
             1. Possible statuses:
    Core Doc, current version
    Core Doc, version #
    KnowledgeBase, in good shape
    KnowledgeBase, use with caution (version or platform specific)
    KnowledgeBase, this may kill you
       1. Reboot of documentation team
          1. Philosophy and structure going forward
          2. Expect feedback
          3. Plan to involve others