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  • sourdough recipe

    from davisagli on Mar 26, 2012 05:56 AM
    Sourdough starter
    For this recipe you need sourdough starter. Get some from a friend (Liz 
    has claimed mine already), or you can capture your own like I did 
    following the instructions at 
    Every 2 or 3 days, get rid of all but 1/4 of the jar of starter by 
    either making bread or throwing some out. Then feed the starter by 
    adding 1/4 c. bread flour and 1/3 c. filtered water (or similar 
    proportion until jar is half full).
    If you're going to be gone you can keep the starter in the fridge for a 
    week or two without feeding.
    Baking bread
    48-24 hours before you want to bake the bread, feed the starter.
    16-14 hours before baking, mix together 3.5 cups of bread flour (you can 
    substitute 1 c. whole wheat flour. for making it here I used 1c 
    all-purpose flour + 2 Tbsp gluten for each cup of bread flour), and 1 
    and a half tsp. salt. Prepare 1 and a half cups of water in a measuring 
    cup and mix in 1/4 c. of starter, then add to the flour gradually. Mix 
    in with your hands until it holds together, but you don't need to 
    actually knead it. Place in a bowl overnight, enclosed in a plastic bag 
    to keep in the moisture.
    2-3 hours before baking, carefully transfer the dough to a floured 
    surface and stretch it out into an oval. (If it pulls back, let it sit 
    for a few minutes before continuing.) Fold in thirds one way, then in 
    half the other to form the start of a boule shape. To make the boule, 
    push the bottom edge underneath while rotating in your hands (you're 
    trying to create surface tension on the top of the boule).
    Place on a cloth covered with cornmeal or flour for an hour and a half. 
    Preheat oven to as high as it goes. For best results you'll want to bake 
    either on a pizza stone or in a Dutch oven. (If using the pizza stone, 
    put a pan with some hot water in the top of the oven just before you add 
    the bread, to create steam.) When oven is hot, score the top of the 
    bread with a knife, then transfer onto the pizza stone/into the Dutch 
    oven. Bake for 15 minutes, then lower temperature to 450 degrees and 
    bake for another 25 minutes or until done. Thermometer will show 
    ~200degrees in the center of the loaf when it's done. Remove and cool 
    for a while before cutting.