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    from fulvio on Jan 17, 2014 08:51 PM
    (If you are a member of the Cioppino Sprint CoActivate space and not on the
    Emerald Sprint space, this will be the last message I will send to both.)
    Dear Emerald Sprinters, it's getting real!
    Emerald Sprint 2014 will take place in less than two months, so if you have
    not booked your trip yet, don't hesitate much longer!
    Consider this our official sprint kick-off.  In this message, I will cover
    the following:
       - Sprint Topic
       - Fundraising and sponsorships
       - Next Steps
    The local organizing team met last night and agreed on a topic for our
    sprint:  we'll be focussing on *Plone's user membership code*, as a way to
    contribute something worthwhile toward the Plone 5 effort.  This may not be
    limited just to Plone core, but also include add-on products widely in use
    in the .edu TLDs that would delay adoption of Plone 5 in that realm (think:
    FacultyStaffDirectory, to name one).  As you may know there are a few large
    strategic sprints happening before Emerald, including last November's
    Arnhem Sprint, and we wanted to choose from PLIPs that are next in line
    after the work that will happen there.
    The user membership topic has enough important subtopics to keep many
    people busy, and requires the talents of multiple different skill sets
    (back-end, front-end, design, documentation).  Here are some of those
       - Modernize the login and password reset form implementations
       - Improve the user/group control panel UI
       - Make the member data schema editable TTW with the Dexterity schema
       - Add a flag for whether a member is active (can log in) or not
       - Remove openid and add oauth2 support
       - Surface last login date/time information
       - Update FacultyStaffDirectoy to Dexterity
       - etc
    As you can see, some of these subtopics represent functionality that you
    yourselves have probably had to re-implement in your clients' sites over
    and over again, and would therefore be excellent improvements to Plone.
    One last word on the choice of sprint topic:  we want the coveted
    "strategic" designation, which we would earn by working on something that
    helps push Plone 5 toward release.  Nothing more strategic than that, this
    year!  (Or should I say tactical?)
    That said, we would love to hear any comments or other ideas you may have.
    We are now focussed on securing an awesome venue for you ASAP.  There are
    14 names on the sign-up list, and I'm counting on a few more stragglers.
    Before closing, one question:  ChipIn, the fundraising platform we used
    last year, shut down.  Do you know of any suitable alternative to ChipIn?
     And while we are on the topic of finances, we are thinking of asking every
    participant to contribute a minimum fee, in the range of $100, but please
    do let us know if you would like to sponsor the sprint with a larger amount
    (Chris Calloway is already leading the Sponsor pack).
    You can expect our next message to announce the venue and more details.  In
    the meantime, if you want to book your flight, you can plan on gathering
    with all of us on Thursday, March 13th, early afternoon, and kick off the
    sprint with a dinner that night, and vacate the venue in the late morning
    of Monday, March 17th.  In other words, the same schedule as last year.  We
    will arrange for pick-ups and drop-offs at the airport (SEA).  Once you
    book your trip, please enter your flight details on the sign-up list on
    Thank you very much for joining Emerald Sprint!  Woot!
    Fulvio and the Organizing Team