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Shared Spaces Project


Morphing mainstream models of development into unique physical and legal spaces where people and organizations can come together; providing not only lodging for individuals, but also facilities for hosting events and the operation of group projects. The intent is to create a replicable prototype of green development which integrates:

  • Democratic legal infrastructures engaging members with a share of private realestate as well as access to common grounds and resources. Contracts detail membership responsibilities and benefits.

  • Accommodations for incorporating other complimentary organizations via a flexible yet clear legal framework for collaboration. (IE Space is leased to separate groups interested in anything from running an event center, to operating a recording studio, farming organic produce, hosting martial art retreats etc….)

  • Engaging skills and resources towards attaining shared goals.

Some basics on how to use this virtual common ground: (Please read)

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  • This digital community will take lots of active participation to manifest into actual space, please claim it by engaging with your input.

Table of Contents

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Legal Models

Existing Developments

Meeting Protocols


Structural Designs