• Geospatial data in Plone

last modified May 11, 2011 by nan


A suite of proucts to ease geolocation of Plone content.


The goal is to provide a comprehensive set of tools to manage and publish geospatial data in the Plone CMS, using existing and proven technologies as much as possible.

OpenLayers is used to display map data in web browsers. It can plot maps from various services, ranging from Google Maps to OpenStreetMaps. We also rely on its ability to draw kml files as map layers.


The poject is still in development and not meant for the casual user yet.


Make sure you have libgeos installed (libgeos-c1 package on Ubuntu; geos or geos-devel package on CentOS/RHEL)

­Add collective.geo.contentlocations and collective.geo.kml  to your egg list.


use the buildout provided in the svn:

 svn co http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/collective.geo.kml/buildout/


Install Collective Geo Contentlocations and Collective Geo Kml in your Plone site through the usual "Addon products" control panel entry.

You can configure collective.geo in the Plone control panel at this url http://myplonesite:port/@@collectivegeo-controlpanel


Package details

You can check the various packages involved and their functions in the package details page

see the collective geo ecosystem page for related products