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This group is to gather individuals who wish to envision toward the ultimate creation of a large (1-300 thousand people living on 10-30 sq. miles) piece of land with integrated housing, food, resource, waste, energy, financial and industrial systems, which is organized much like the contemporary condominium ("Comprehensive Condominium").  The purpose of the wiki is to allow a self-directed and truly democratic development and form of ''government'' for the eventual establishment of a Comprehensive Condominium.

The form of government, laws, and principles are made by the participants in the community, and in the finest wiki-tradition, all is open to edits and extensions by all members, unless otherwise specified expressly within the provision.  We invite any and everybody to give comments, criticisms and any other ideas that are relevant, even if they are only marginally relevant to any part, substance, structure, presentation or any other matter. 

This wiki is a forum for discourse.  We need to iron out many details.  To get things started, we have provided a bare-bones framework. It is provided as a starting point based on areas that we think are relevant. The rest is up to you. Write new content, add links, update facts, provide fresh examples, or discuss the topic.

Since this is a community effort, we respectfully ask all contributors to observe some basic  HOUSE RULES .  No obscenities, no plagiarism, no advertising or self-promotion, and no secondary content without sources. Above all, please be courteous; this community is based on mutual respect and openness. But BE BOLD too - don't be afraid to advance the conversation or push it in new directions. We encourage you to discuss changes with fellow contributors on the Discussion sections.


We hope that this will act as a catalyst for a collective endeavor to create a community of people by first connecting with diverse individuals, creating bonds and trust between these individuals, creating and learning to a common vision and culture, and creating democratically controlled common property.

Simplified, our goals are as follows:

  1. Use internet resources as a forum to hash out a conception and structure, to provide a network for members, and to be used however we see fit.
  2. Create an organization with a coherent governance structure, economic structure, and financial structure.
  3. Use collective resources toward a creation of a Comprehensive Condominium.






Executive Summary

Among other things, this is a potential investment opportunity.