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In hindsight, the use of the browser as a publishing tool ("Web 2.0"), making authentication through the browser normal, has blurred the line between public and private infostructures. There is an argument that web browsers should only be used as clients for reading public-facing information, and a separate clients used for managing private information, communications and files. There are a number of systems being developed for the private and resilient transfer of files over the internet. The oldest system I'm aware of is the FreeNet Project (GNU GPL), which began in 2000. The Invisible Internet Project, also known as 'I2P' (Internet 2 Protocol?), another anonymizing network layer, began in 2013. Other anonymous file transfer systems have begun development using the BitTorrent protocol. OneSwarm (GNU GPL), currently a Linux only client, started as a branch of the Azureus client in 2007.