• Call-out for artists to submit on anti-sharing trade agreement

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Danyl Strype

Wednesday 24 September 2008 3:03:23 pm

Call-out for artists to submit on anti-sharing trade agreement

Copied from Bronwyn's email to the cc-nz email list:

"To add to Mark's advice, this is also something that should be of concern to any and all artists who use found/borrowed material in their work (ie for research, remix, and/or response) and debatably anyone who browses the web!

As creators own the copyright of their work as "rights-holders" (or as it may be, corporations who have bought those rights...), ACTA is being proposed in the name of protecting their IP. As an artist, I'm not quite convinced that the protection of my work's copyright warrants this kind of activity.

See http://www.bronwyn.co.nz for a bit more..."

Jane Hornibrook

Monday 07 December 2009 1:32:09 pm


Hi Danyl,

Here is a New Zealand web resource where artists and web users can voice their concerns about ACTA.




Jane Hornibrook

Thursday 18 March 2010 10:47:29 am

PublicACTA Forums

Here is some more information posted by Bronwyn to the list for those interested in ACTA....

"For those of you following the Copyright (and possibly even censoring/filtering) situation in NZ, there have been some development in the ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) negotiations.

ACTA in a nutshell:

The New Zealand government is drafting this agreement with other countries. While in name it is about protecting consumers from counterfeit merchandise, the agreement is much wider in scope and addresses the regulation of Internet use by private citizens in an attempt to prevent unauthourised sharing of copyrighted works.

The drafting of this agreement is being conducted in secret meetings, and the agreement itself is not available for public review or comment. Since signing such an agreement will obligate a country to legally enforce it, this means the democratically elected New Zealand government is negotiating with other countries to potentially change our laws, and is doing so in secret. [text borrowed from here: http://acta.net.nz/]

PublicACTA forums:

The Creative Freedom Foundation are part of a NZ coalition pushing for more transparency around ACTA. NZ is hosting the next round of international negotiations next month, and there is some action planned around this, including Internet NZ's PublicACTA forums in Wellington (10 April) and Auckland, featuring keynote speaker Michael Geist (big news!).

Professor Michael Geist is the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada. He is a leading voice in the international public debate surrounding ACTA and has become an invaluable go-to source for current information on the negotiations as it is released/leaked.

People who are interested in attending the PublicACTA event should register their interest by sending an email to rsvp@internetnz.net.nz. It is FREE!!

More here:




Jane Hornibrook

Tuesday 23 March 2010 9:37:29 am


To follow up, the PublicACTA website has launched:

http://publicacta.org.nz/ [this link is rotten! some versions are archived on the WayBack Machine]