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Creative Commons Aotearoa in 2010 

Unlike the other forums, which were a topic area with space for multiple discussions, this forum had only one discussion thread, which I will reproduce below:

 The Topic Introduction

 Friday 11 December 2009 2:04:10 pm

Creative Commons Aotearoa in 2010

What are your thoughts on how Creative Commons Aotearoa should grow in 2010?

Jane Hornibrook

Friday 11 December 2009 2:07:11 pm

Creative Commons and the Royal Society

Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand and its its host the Council for the Humanities is set to move into in the Royal Society of New Zealand in 2010.

Jane Hornibrook

Friday 19 February 2010 9:48:25 am

Paul Reynolds on National Radio

I had the pleasure to spend a weekend with CCANZ's advocate, Paul Reynolds at the Kiwi Foo Camp 2010. We held an interesting session on CCANZ in 2010 as did the Royal Society on citizen science. Paul discusses some of the issues we touched on in his blog, PEOPLEPOINTS, and provides links to a radio interview.


Jane Hornibrook

Thursday 27 May 2010 3:25:59 pm

Reynolds on New It Make

The CC community was saddened to hear that Paul Reynolds had passed away recently. CC radio enthusiast Floyd Wilde from New It Make has made a recently recorded interview with Paul on Creative Commons here:


[this link is rotten, I am seeking an archive of all the NewItMake shows. Some are available on the Internet Archive, but unfortunately I can't find the interview with Paul Reynolds yet]

This piece of work is probably Paul's last recorded interview. Thanks Floyd for sharing it with us.

- Jane

Danyl Strype

Monday 23 August 2010 12:28:30 am

What's ahead for 2010?

Kia ora koutou

As well as questions of what to do, there are also a lot of ambiguities at this stage about who does what, and how we bring all our contributions together. The role of the legal team is pretty clear, but what are the roles and responsibilities of the oversight Panel? What funded positions are there, and are any more proposed? What are their job descriptions?

How will we manage collaboration and communication between the Panel, staff, volunteers, the broader CC Aotearoa network, and the public at large? If someone wants to take on a volunteer role, who do they approach? At what point does a volunteer become official, able to address correspondence and present as a representative of CC Aotearoa? How does a project or activity become stamped as an official project or activity of CC Aotearoa?

For me, the revamp of this website is a high priority, as it has an important role to play in some of these areas. I think these forums could attract a lot more participants if they could also be subscribed to as email lists, for those who prefer to receive and reply to things via email. I think a wiki site where we can collaborate on documentation; promotional texts, commmunity planning, proposed articles and edits for the main site etc would be helpful for people who are used to those. Also, considering our synergies with the arts, there could be much more graphics, animations, and audio-visual content (all CC-licensed of course 

Thrilled to see the public service adopt CC licenses and look forward to continuing work on this great project with you all.

Ka nui te mihi

Danyl Strype

Mike Pearson

Thursday 14 October 2010 10:14:25 am

Privacy Commons

I would like to see Creative Commons take the lead in developing a Privacy Commons for personal data. Websites that collect personal data would display readily recognisable icons, to represent "we will delete your personal data when you request" or "we will never remove your data".

I spoke about this with Lawrence Lessig while working for the State Services Commission and he agreed that the Creative Commons framework would be a good vehicle to build a complimentary Privacy platform; but it was a question of funding the development and ongoing support. 

There was a Privacy Commissioners forum a couple of years ago, where they had even developed some iconography.