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 Kiwi Musical Artists Who Have Used CC Licenses

This list is sorted by the order in which I they were promoted on Quitter.se (a GNU Social server in the Fediverse), with the most recent mentions at the top. If you would like a larger list or releases, that can be sorted by year, or alphabetically by release title, artist etc, have a look at CC Music from Aotearoa/ NZ on the P2P Foundation wiki.

 Rest of 2017

 NZ Music Month 2017

 Prior to NZMM 2017

       Not yet mentioned on GNU Social

      • Big Rick: not yet promoted on Quitter.se,

      See also Kiwi CC Music Compilations .


       Progress Notes:

      • Might be worth separating this into two lists; artists that are still releasing music under CC licenses, and those who have experimented with them but don't seem to use them for most of their music available online? Maybe this could be done on the P2PF page as another way of sorting the content it grows?