• Climate Change Liar Touring Aotearoa in April

last modified June 4, 2013 by strypey

Danyl Strype of Disintermedia.net.nz comments on the upcoming tour of climate "realist" Christopher Monckton.

Thanks to Whale Oil, I discovered today that we are being graced by the presence of everyone's favourite journalist-turned-climate-scientist, the "Viscount of Brenchley". Christopher Monckton's deliciously titled 'Climate of Freedom' tour begins at Matakana on April 1. No, it's not an April Fool's gag, Monckton's tour continues down the country, ending up in Invercargill on April 26.

Monckton claims to believe that climate change has little or nothing to do with humans and that there's nothing worth doing about it. In a curious coincidence, he has also been caught out on numerous occasions making claims to boost his credibility which are blatant lies. For example, he publicly claimed to be a member of the House of Lords (he isn't), a science advisor to the government of Margaret Thatcher (he wasn't), and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate (he never was). Whale Oil is a big fan of this compulsive liar, and according to his itinerary on the ClimateRealists site, his tour is being supported by the Wisharts and their staff at Investigate magazine, and Jon Eisen and his crew at UnCensored magazine. Make of that what you will.

As with the National Front and their flag-waving days at parliament, it's hard to know whether it's better to challenge these people's delusional ideas by turning up to heckle or protest, or whether that just boosts their false sense of self-importance, and gives the impression there's a real debate going on, rather than an entirely artificial one being synthesized with oil money. Perhaps the Flat Earth Society should once again turn up in full force to declare their sympathy for the cause of fighting round worlders and climate alarmists.

The tour is sponsored by Climate Realists, who claim to be "sheep and beef farmers farming off the East Coast of the North Island of NZ". It would be interesting to find out exactly who these people are, and what other conflicts of interest they might have, beyond their self-acknowledged one (being animal farmers, any measure to reduce carbon emissions is likely to limit their range of farming practices, and/or cost them money). If you have any referenced information about this group, it would be good to add it to their stub entry on SourceWatch.org.

Originally published on Aotearoa.Indymedia.org (March, 2013)