• Collaboration for FreeCodeCamp Teams

last modified April 4, 2018 by strypey

Given the recent revelations about FarceBook, giving them any sort of endorsement in the FCC process is not only damaging to the credibility of FCC, it's the ethical equivalent of encouraging people to swim in a shark tank.

Jason Bates:
"Some campers create Slack teams for people in their local area if Facebook doesn’t suit them. If you cannot find ones that suit you, you could make them yourself. Alternatively, the are many meetups organised through meetup.com."

These are *all* proprietary platforms, which require people to run proprietary JavaScript on their own computers to use them. Fully free code, federated replacements for all of them are ready to use:

  • FarceBook: The Federation (Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla, SocialHome)
  • Slack: Matrix (like a federated, web-native IRC, plus native support for voice and video)
  • MeetUp: GetTogether (fairly new project but basic functions are in place, and they plan to federate using ActivityPub)

While we're on the subject, the same is true of GitHub, and all the same features are offered by GitLab, but without the proprietary JS.

If FCC, the people mentoring free code developers, don't use and recommend free code software where it exists, why should anyone?