• Community Developer

last modified July 5, 2012 by strypey

What is a Community Developer?


Community Developer (CD) is a hybrid role that is one part ICT consultant, one part organisational consultant, one part networker, one part bush lawyer, one part group facilitator, one part mediator, one part researcher, one part tutor, and one part motivational coach.

A CD is often involved in the beginning of a new community project, where their role is to help people understand their differences, identify their common values, and define their common goals. To help people articulate these, and communicate them to the wider society, especially to others already share the values and goals, and are likely to want to help the project succeed.

At a time when an existing project is struggling to deal with growth, degrowth, and other disruptive changes in the organisational lifecycle, a CD can help birth a new phase in the project. This might mean splitting an overgrown project group into smaller, more focussed groups; merging dwindling groups to create a new spaceholding group which can carry the flame of the original groups through periods of low energy; or separating out and refining short, medium, and long term goals.

Information Strategy 

Every community project uses different kinds of information in different ways, and needs different tactics and tools to help its members gather, manage, and access the information they will use to carry out the project. A CD will aim to help group members to break out of the habit of seeing every information problem as a nail, just because they are used to using a hammer. They will help the group define what communication and information management tools make sense for them as people, and for the project they are working on together.