• Dancing with Mr Brownlee

last modified July 16, 2012 by strypey

Informing people about the NZ Parliament's recent suspension of important limits on state power in the name of earthquake recovery, and monitoring any uses and abuses of the powers granted under the 'Brownlee Act' (Christchurch Earthquake Response and Recovery Act) 

If you're not worried about the powers the National government have given their man Brownlee over an earthquake-ravaged city, have a read of what they are, and how they're being applied, and imagine the same powers being imposed over the whole country for three years.

2011 - 03 - 07 Bernard Hickeys quotes Brownlee on Interest, "We need something that can move a lot faster than what we have been doing," Brownlee said. "That requires a lot of changes to these legal niceties." We need a tiger, he continued. Tigers are fast, and they change legal niceties quickly by eating lawyers.

2011 - 04 - 01 No April Fools joke, Gordon Campbell sums up the use of the CERRA Act tiger so far.

2011 - 04 - 13: To fight a war, Mr Brownlee needs more tigers than the CERA gives him over Canterbury, reports the Herald. The Standard raises the alarm too.