• Datatrician

last modified December 7, 2012 by strypey

Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of this project is to train a new generation of free code hackers, and make digital technology more accessible to low-income people in Aotearoa, by teaching people how to recondition run-down Windows PCs with free code Operating Systems, including but not limited to GNU/Linux. We envision having a class set of old PCs for basic training (ideally of the same make and model), and that the final assessment will involve students drawing from our cache of recycled parts to build a working computer, which they can then take home. 

- Strypey

Specific Objectives of the South Dunedin Project

  1. Familiarise people with principal components of hardware
  2. Equip them with a basic distro bootable off USBdrive (eg Tails)
  3. Teach them enough to self-boot a simple home network

Outcome should be sufficient skills to offer themselves to small or microbusinesses to install and configure a basic setup. I call this Datatrician, contraction of Data + Electrician in that the basic skills start the same (wiring etc), but the knowledge base is 5-12V (or lower) and orientated towards data products.

- Lawrence