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last modified June 5, 2018 by strypey

The fediverse is an informal name for a federated social network, made up of many thousands of independent websites. It was coined to describe a meta-network made up of sites running apps that inter-operated using the OStatus federation standard created for StatusNet, in constrast with the other meta-network of sites federating with the Diaspora protocol ("the federation"). Now, a new federation standard called ActivityPub has been endorsed by the W3C, and by the end of the year, it will be supported by all the fediverse and federation apps (except Diaspora).

I (Strypey) am most active on the NZOSS Mastodon site, which can connect with a Fediverse of other social apps, including GNU Social (originally using the OStatus standard, soon to be superseded by the ActivityPub standard). If you are using one of these apps, my Mastodon address @mastodon.nzoss.nz is probably the best way to follow or @mention me.

Other Federated Social Network Sites I Have Accounts On

Federated Networks I've Tried But Now Suspect Are Dead

(willing to try again if anyone is keen to connect)






 Identi.ca (pump.io): https://identi.ca/strypey

Hubzilla (Zot):

 Quitter.im (GNU Social/ OStatus): @strypey@quitter.im  Quitter.no (GNU Social/ OStatus): @strypeybackup@quitter.se
Pleroma (OStatus/ ActivityPub): @strypleroma@plero.ma SocialHome: @strypey@socialhome.network

Maple (Libertree): @Danyl Strype

(site is still up but Libertree seems unmaintained at GH, and project site is down)

 Tent.is (Tent): strypey.tent.is

(site is defunct and it seems Tent is too, although Tent.io is still up)

Quitter.se (GNU Social): @strypey@quitter.se

(site is down but GNU Social is still in active development)