• feedback on initial proposal

last modified July 7, 2016 by strypey

Hi Danyl,

Thank you for submitting a presentation proposal for the Social Movements,
Resistance and Social Change III conference.

We would like to accept your proposal, however before doing so, we would
like to see some further considerations included in it.

1) We had some concerns that the technical nature of your presentation
might restrict its audience, and we would hope that you would shape your
presentation to make it accessible and applicable for as many people as

2) We were pleased that you mentioned at the end of your proposal that you
would summarize your discussions with potential users. We would like to
hear more about this in the proposal itself.

3) We were also hoping that you might build on this in a number of ways, by
placing your ideas in a broader context. It would be useful for you to make
it clear in your presentation how such a policy development platform would
differ, firstly, from other approaches to policy sharing (for example, a
website of policy documents that users could draw on), and secondly, on a
much more general level, from other software and related processes that
have been developed to support activist work (Loomio comes to mind, but you
may be familiar with a range of others).

If you could slightly rewrite your proposal to take these concerns into
consideration, we will happily accept it.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Ngā mihi,

The organisers,

Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change III