• Fire Exit

last modified May 31, 2010 by strypey

This a project designed to help people find alternatives to walled garden social media sites, and to delete their accounts and move off such sites, in protest at their ongoing disrespect of user rights, and their refusal to interoperate with other similar sites by implementing open standards. Such sites use people's friends to suck them in, and them invade their privacy (FaeceBook) or decide to charge for their service out of the blue (want Ning? give Bling). The idea for Fire Exit came out of Quit FaceBook Day, which Strypey joined. After deleting the profile under his own name, he figured it would still be good to have a subversive presence within FaeceBook, so he decided to set up a new profile under the name Fire Exit, with the express purpose of continuing to encourage people to leave FaeceBook and agitate against walled garden sites in general.