• Free Code for Free Humans

last modified May 1, 2016 by strypey

This project is modeled on the "Creator-Endorsed Mark", an open trademark created by QuestionCopyright.org. The concept is to design badges which can be displayed on websites, to popularize the phrase "free code", and to make it easy for people to find the source code they run on, or of the software they promote. We decide on the wording on our badges, and find a free code supporting artist to design the badges, and render them in a range of formats for different purposes. We need to create license agreements  for the use of the badges, based on the QuestionCopyright model,  and register trademarks on them (the combination of both phrase and images on each badge). We need to write up a blurb, introducing the badges and their purpose, write an FAQ, and set up a homepage, so people can find the project, and copy the badges for use on their site.

Possible phrases:

  • Free Code for Free (Range?) Humans - (jungle imagery?)
  • Freedom is a Network Effect - Free Code Here (mycelium imagery?)
  • Free Code - Return to the Source (Matrix themed imagery?)