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last modified August 24, 2016 by strypey

Last week, I used a VR (Virtual Reality) headset for the first time (as it happens an HTC Vive), with a painting application. After mapping out the gear available and software in development in virtual reality systems, it seems that for now - despite the crowdfunded success of Oculus Rift - most of the commercial VR gear coming out is designed for use with DRM-ridden, proprietary software and hardware systems belonging to console manufacturers and big budget game developers and their distributors. But there are a number of open source commons developing in the VR field too, including from scratch development, and limited hangouts of pieces of commercial systems, both source code under libre licenses, and hardware designs.

Headset Gear

Virtual Reality Software Development Projects

  • FreeVR: "For those just wanting to code or learn the ropes of virtual reality" - FOSS Force. From its own site - "not a VR content library. It does not provide a scenegraph layer, or other features often associated with such libraries like intersection testing and collision detection. It does not provide a physical simulation for objects in the virtual world. FreeVR is intended to work with many scenegraph and other libraries"

  • OpenSpace3D: "Free and open-source platform, designed to create virtual and augmented-reality applications or games. "
  • Oculus Rift DK1: designs and code for various Oculus Rift DK1 tools were dumped over the wall as the DK2 replaced it, and are available via GIT under one of a range of licenses (MIT, Apache 2.0, maybe others?). No word on whether or when DK2 designs or code will be shared.

Ambitious Goals for VISOR

VISOR+ (Visor Integration Software for Open Reality) is a Disintermedia project to assess the viability of building a 100% free code VR system, on existing consumer hardware, as part of the Core Us teleconferencing project.

  • wireless headsets, which requires high bandwidth microwave or infrared wireless connectivity
  • use of gaming style hand controls to move forwards and backwards and side to side, or teleport to a chosen location using venue maps
  • venue maps integrated with a teleport style movement system