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last modified January 20, 2019 by strypey

My initial thinking was that rather than list individual novels, which would take a long time and add nothing new to what's already available on the web, this would be a table of existing lists of free-as-in-beer novels, including those in the public domain, those under CreativeCommons licenses, and those under ARR copyright that have been made available for online reading by the copyright holder. However after having a look through the available lists, I'm rethinking that.

For now this is a list of lists. When I get time, I may turn it into a list of novels populated from these lists. But before I get into such a time-consuming task, I'll do some more web searches to see if more complete lists can be found, for example a complete list of public domain novels would be long and growing, and can probably be found at Project Gutenberg. There may also be a complete list of books that can be read online free-of-charge, as Baen has done. A more complete list of CC-licensed novels than the Wikipedia one may be available already too, but if not, that may become the primary purpose of this page.

Baen Free Library - free-to-read HTML versions of science fiction and fantasy books published by Baen Books

Wikipedia list of CC-licensed novels

The Ware tetralogy by Rudy Rucker - not a list but not mentioned on any of the other lists

Peter Watts novels - not a list but not mentioned on any of the other lists

GoodReads list of CC-licensed novels - a handful of these books aren't novels, and one or two of those are on the lists above.

Popular Mechanic list of public domain novels