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Free Your Javascript

I've been sending messages along these lines to the admins and devs of websites and web software I use:

>> Can coders please tag non-trivial scripts so they are recognised as the free code they are (I presume) by LibreJS:

This basically involves a web link to the full source code of the script and reference to the AGPL or whichever license covers them? More details on freeing your scripts here:

More background on the problems created by nonfree JS that this is intended to solve:

I'm highlighting this Issue in support of the FSF 'Free Javascript Campaign':
https://www.fsf.org/campaigns/freejs <<

As some folks are either struggling to understand what to do, or how to get it work, I will now add:

>> Please report your experiences with LibreJS, both helpful and frustrating, to the mailing list. Especially if you're struggling to get it to work:

https://lists.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/bug-librejs  <<


"please tag your scripts" email sent to:

  • Loomio (issue logged on GITHub)
  • RiseUp (ticket added, no reply from sysadmins yet)
  • OnlineGroups/ GroupServer
  • Subrosa.io
  • WikiEducator - reply assured me that issue has been passed to tech team. Note: most if not all scripts will be marked as libre once MediaWiki becomes LibreJS compliant (see entry on Wikipedia below)
  • Appropedia - Note: most if not all scripts will be marked as libre once MediaWiki becomes LibreJS compliant (see entry on Wikipedia below)
  • Indymedia Aotearoa
  • Permaculture.org.nz - reply confirmed that all scripts are part of Drupal core and installed modules.
  • CoActivate.org
  • Wikipedia - reply directed me to the WikiMedia bug tracker, where are search for LibreJS showed the issue is already being dealt with
  • Quitter.se (no obvious contact info on site, made a query by "Queet" about who to contact, was referred to @hannes2peer, who has made a valiant attempt to get Quitter to support LibreJS, with mixed results. I've)


  • Write a piece on the issue for NZCommons
  • Follow up with Drupal core and module maintainers (see Permaculture.org.nz  reply)

Send "please tag your scripts" email to:

  • Archive.org
  • Piwik
  • EngageMedia.org
  • FYI.org.nz
  • Forest and Bird
  • Greenpeace
  • TheDailyBlog
  • WordPress.com
  • Drupal.org
  • Mozilla.org
  • Waatea News
  • FreeCyle.org
  • PiratePad
  • Polr.me