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The GOLD name was first proposed in a thread on on the Trisquel Forums on 19/11/2016. The project was more formally proposed on the Trisquel Forum on 02/04/2017. The list of initial requirements will be transferred here and tidied up ASAP. In a nutshell, the project is a response to the release of Steam Machines, and aims to create a 100% free code GNU/Linux distribution as a replacement for the SteamOS distribution that is the OEM distribution on these devices. The target is a user-friendly, console-style gaming experience, with a local game library, and built-in access to a regularly-updated repository of all available free code games. The game library GUI could be based on an existing game library app like Lutris or PlayOnLinux, or a multimedia player app like Kodi.

Operating Sytem

GOLD could be a libre fork of SteamOS in the same way that Trisquel is a libre fork of Ubuntu, and Replicant is a libre fork of Android. Or it could be assembled from a range of existing free code components (eg Lutris or PlayOnLinux) on top of a vanilla Debian Stable base, like gNewSense is.

Game Library

The repository could be sorted using a variety of criteria, such as game genre or hardware requirements, using data from community sites like LibreGameWiki. The game libary could be local application, a website, or both, providing a simple click'n'play interface. Each game would be represented by a title and a graphic, the equivalent of what would be on the cover if it was sold as physical medium, along with a prominent button to help the user donate to the developers of the game (akin to the Jamendo interface).  If the game is already installed, clicking on the title or the graphic would launch it, otherwise, it would ask the user if they want to install the game.

Alternatives Name Possibilities

Gaming on Linux Distribution (GOLD) is a working title. Other possible acronyms for GOLD include:

  • Gaming on a Libre Distribution
  • Gaming on Linux/ GNU Distribution

Other possible names include:

  • GLAM
    • GNU/Linux Adventure Machine
    • GLAM Linux Adventure Machine
  • GLEE
    • GNU/Linux Entertainment Experience
    • JUGGLE Understands the Gaming on GNU/Linux Experience

More information about libre gaming can be found on Free as in Imagination.